The Sandbox (Future of Decentralized Gaming)

The Sandbox is a diversified virtual gaming ecosystem on Ethereum blockchain. Where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. All transactions including buying and selling of NFT’s is done using $SAND token.

What is NFT(Non-Fungible Token) ?

Non Fungible tokens are ERC-721 or ERC-1155(improved) based tokens. These tokens are unique and can be related to real-life entities or something unique. These tokens are mainly used as collectibles or resemble a unique item in a video game read more……

Products of The Sandbox

To enhance the user-generated content(UGC) there are 3 main products of the sandbox gaming ecosystem through which users can secure their copyright ownership on their created content through blockchain and smart contracts.

These three products are :

  • Voxel Editor: Voxel Editor(VoXedit) is a powerful 3D animation software available for PC/MAC. Where users can create and animate 3D objects such as humans, animals, vehicles, foliage, tools, and items. These items are then exported to Marketplace as assets.
  • Marketplace: The objects made with Voxel Editor are imported to the marketplace and are converted to assets by registering their ownership on the blockchain. Then potential buyers buy them through the marketplace using $SAND token.
  • Game Maker: The Sandbox Game Maker is free to use service offered by The Sandbox where users can create their own 3D games using drag and drop feature they can use assets made by other creators using vox edit and create stunning games and monetize them to earn profits.

Tokens in The Sandbox Ecosystem.

LAND: LAND is a unique Non-Fungible token based on ERC-721 Ethereum Blockchain. It behaves as digital real estate and users can buy Land and occupy it with games, assets, and other interactive experiences.

ASSET: ASSET is a unique Non-Fungible token based on ERC-1155 Ethereum Blockchain. These assets are created by players who build or assemble content from other users. These asset token can be traded on The Sandbox Marketplace where potential buyers buy them.

The Sand Token 

 SAND is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. SAND plays an important role in The Sandbox Ecosystem Some of its use cases are mentioned below.

Use Cases of SAND Token :

  • Governance: SAND is a governance token that allows holders to participate in Governance decisions on the platform, using a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structure.
  • Staking: SAND token is used for staking purposes to earn passive income in SAND token and also some valuable gems in the ecosystem are unlocked by SAND staking.
  • Access The Sandbox platform: Players spend SAND in order to play games, buy equipment, or customize their Avatar character. Creators spend SAND to acquire ASSETS, LANDS, and staking.
  • Fee Capture model: In this model all 5% fees collected by the transactions are equally split into two sections of 50 %. One going towards “Staking Pool” and the other going towards the “Foundation”.
  • Foundation: SAND token will play an important role in the foundation basics to incentivize high-quality content and to fund gaming projects

Tokenomics of SAND :

#NamePriceMarket CapChangePrice Graph (24h)
Circulating Supply705,000,000 SAND (23.50%)
Total Token Supply3,000,000,000 SAND
Binance Launchpad Sale Price0.008333 USD / SAND

Fund Allocations :

The Sandbox team has used approximately 65.00% of funds raised according to the allocations below:

  • 52.31% Team
  • 27.69% Development
  • 15.38% Marketing
  • 4.62% Administrative

How to Trade SAND Tokens on WazirX ?

 As of now, I think all of you have a piece of good knowledge about The Sandbox project and on what it mainly focuses on.

Now if you are interested in SAND token here is a quick guide on how you can trade it on WazirX an Indian exchange

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  4. Happy Trading ?

Conclusion :

On a paper front, The Sandbox seems to be a promising step towards the future of gaming on blockchain and can change the view of people towards the gaming industry.

They are making good progress according to their roadmap and are planning to provide this ecosystem to cross devices like mobile phones and tablets you can stay updated by joining their social handles below.

Shailesh | #WazirXWarriors