Simpson Finance(DeFi + NFT Protocol)

Simpson Finance is an experimental community driven DeFi + NFT project which is based on the famous T.V series Simpsons.

The Simpson Project is based upon Ethereum Blockchain and is powered by it’s own ERC-20 token known as “SIMF”.

Simpson Finance is based upon the concept of yield farming, which is a trending concept in today’s blockchain era. You can provide Liquidity to (SIMF – ETH) pair on Uniswap and farm those LP token received from Uniswap to earn more $SIMF tokens and get $DNUT(DoughNuts) points, Which can later be used to redeem rare, legendary NFT’s. These NFT can later be traded on opensea or rarible for good profits.

What is DeFi ? 

 Decentralized Finance is a set of financial applications that are developed on blockchain.

DeFi Dapps are mainly built on ethereum network because of its compatibility with smart contracts, Some of the DeFi applications which are proven to give higher interest rates include Liquidity Mining, Lending & Borrowing, Yield Farming and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

What is NFT ?

NFT’s are a special type of cryptographic tokens that represent a unique digital art or digital asset that is not interchangeable.

NFT tokens are mainly built on ethereum blockchain which are ERC-721 or ERC-1155 based tokens.

Tokens in the Simpson ecosystem

1) $SIMF 

$SIMF is the main token in the ecosystem also known as “fuel of the ecosystem”

Contract address : “0x18bfe544B09587b7f942ae2d3b106889a3C72f3E”.

Trade : Uniswap Here

            Vindax Here

Tokenomics :

Total Supply : 20000 $SIMF: 20000 
Community Airdrop: 16000 $SIMF (No Lockup)
Uniswap Liquidity: 1000 $SIMF( forever locked)
Marketing & Development: 2000 $SIMF (Lockup depends)
Simpson Family Fund: 600 $SIMF (6 month Lockup)
Listing Price: Not Announced

2) $DUFF(DUFF Beer Token)

$DUFF token is a new token of the ecosystem,This token will be used for staking and farming purpose on the platform.

Contract address : “0x2ab59dC983cC44eac2D6FeEbeCbFC7Ca4bC1Fd7E”

Trade on Uniswap : Yet to be listed.

Tokenomics :

Total Supply : 1000 $DUFF 
Community Airdrop: 10 $DUFF (0.05 to 200 members)
Uniswap Liquidity: 50 $DUFF
Marketing & Development: 40 $DUFF
Staking & Farming Rewards: 900 $DUFF
Listing Price: To be announced

How can you farm  $SIMF tokens(These feature is Coming soon) ?

Benefits of farming $SIMF tokens:

  • Get more $SIMF token
  • Get $DNUT points.
  • Redeem $DNUT for rare NFT.
  • Get legendary NFT free for early adopters.

Steps to farm $SIMF :

  • Provide Liquidity to $SIMF-ETH pair on Uniswap(Make sure you have sufficient ETH to provide liquidity) click here.
  • You will be provided with UNI-V2 LP tokens for providing liquidity.
  • Pool those LP tokens on SpringField(Staking and Farming Section of Simson) click here.
  • Connect your wallet by clicking the Unlock Wallet option.
  • You will be able to pool your tokens on springfield later when it’s active by clicking select.


✔️Website launch

✔️Community ambassador program details announcement

✔️$SIMF buyback program details announcement

✔️ Uniswap Listing and Liquidity Lock on Unicrypt

⏰ Dextools Listing

⏰ 4chan post competition

⏰ Early bird’s (Initial supporters) list announcement

⏰ Airdrop winner list announcement

⏰ Airdrop distribution announcement

 ⏰ Influencer marketing and PR plan announcement

⏰ Road map and one pager launch

⏰ $SIMF token staking and LP farming platform Development

⏰ Contract audits and bug bounty program

⏰ Rare Simpson NFTs giveaway program for the early SIMF holders

⏰ Develop and Submit NFT to OpenSea Marketplace

⏰ Community Development Programs

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Yield Farming is a great source of interest in todays crypto era but as said everything comes with a risk.

Simpson Finance seems to be a great step towards the DeFi world for earning interest by means of staking and farming.

Before investing in any DeFi platform please do your own research.